Les Cévennes


The Cévennes mountains are located in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Massif Central and our denomination IGP (Indication Géografique Protégée) Cévennes is surrounded by the vineyards of the Rhone valley in the northeast and the Languedoc in the southwest. The denomination has a magnificent terroir, with his hills located near the Cévennes reliefs that provide a very large range of temperature with cool nights even in summer. During the ripening period this allows the grapes to develop their polyphenols, source of aromas.



The vineyard of about thirty hectares is located on the slopes that border the river Cèze, inside a meander that provides a microclimate to the vines, protecting them from the climatic hazards of the Cévennes.
The vines are lined with centenary old walls, that are delimiting the different soils.
These contribute to the preservation of the natural biodiversity of vines as well as the woods bordering the vineyard.
In addition to this, a very large range of grape varieties (about 17) allows to maintain a varietal diversity, in order to be able to drive our vineyard in a sustainable agriculture and partly biodynamic.
Preserving the microbial life of soils is one of our priorities as well as the protection of the wildlife.
The average yield of our vines is 60 hL/ha (with a gradient of 10 hL/ha to 90 hL/ha).

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The Domaine de Berguerolles is located in the Cévennes National Park

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