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About Us

Our Origins

A Family Affair

The Domaine de Berguerolles is a family run property located in St. Ambroix, in northern Languedoc aera in the Cévennes National Park.

Robert Saint Etienne acquired the Clos de Berguerolles in 1967, starting from nothing, he had been able to rebuild this magnificent vineyard in order to produce quality wines and start bottled his production from 1974.

Today this beautiful family winery, thanks to its third generation, continues to exist, prosper and flourish.

Tradition and expression of the terroir are the main words of this vineyard located on the hillside along the river Cèze, inside a meander that provides a microclimate to the vines, protecting them from the climatic hazards of the Cévennes mountains.

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About Us

The Domaine de Berguerolles is located in the Cévennes National Park

Phone: +33 (0)4 66240184

Location: Route de Barjac 30500

Saint Ambroix

VAT: FR26452281355


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